Just another day in paradise

This morning I loaded up my sewing machine again and walked over to Woodland Hall.  I had seen a fiber arts class listed.  A couple of the women who had been in the sewing group yesterday were also here.

I guess every week they challenge themselves to try something new.  Today we were dropping the feed dogs under the presser foot so we could move the fabric around by hand.  They had found an owl design in an art quilt magazine so that’s what we were all doing.  I have never tried doing this myself, but I was game for a try.

The woman in charge asked me if I could draw the owl design and I said I could.  She was surprised because, apparently, the other women say they can’t draw.  She usually has to draw designs for them.  All those years of art classes come in handy!

It took me a little bit to learn how hard to push the fabric and how fast to run the machine.  I finally got the knack of it.  The magazine showed the owl with colored fabric in a few places.  I happened to have some fabric with me, so I added some pieces.

The eyes look a little crazy, but this was my first attempt at using my machine free style.

The eyes look a little crazy, but this was my first attempt at using my machine freestyle.

This was only a half day class.  I came home and made lunch for Mark and myself and then we were going to go run a couple errands.  Just as I was getting into the truck, our new boss pulled up in a golf cart.  Her name is Mary Beth.  She apologized for not being able to meet us the last couple days, but we understood that she was in business meetings all day both days.  She asked us to come to her office tomorrow morning at 10:00 so that she can show us what we’ll be doing and give us our uniforms and such.  I asked her what our schedule will be and she said we will be working from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm Wednesday through Sunday.  It’s good to finally have that nailed down.

When we got back from running errands, we putzed around our place the rest of the afternoon and had dinner.  We were working on our computers around 7:00 this evening when we heard some distant music.  There was another band playing down near the pool.  Mark and I put on our swimsuits and went down to the hot tub again.  Before we got in, I asked Mark to take a picture with his little camera.

The band (his poor little camera doesn't do very well in the dark)

The band (his poor little camera doesn’t do very well in the dark)

The audience

The audience

We had another good soak in the hot tub and I swam a few laps in the pool, which isn’t at all cold, even at night.  As we walked home hand in hand, we listened to the crickets and looked up at the stars.  Several of the homes are lit up for Christmas.  So far, life is good!

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