Checking out Fernley

This morning we decided to find out for sure where Amazon is and time how long it takes us to get there.  It takes about forty minutes, and since we’re supposed to be to work by 7:00, we’ll need to get up at 5:00 on work days.  Oof!  The trip to and from work will be pretty, though, winding through the mountains with views of the Truckee River.  We don’t anticipate any traffic jams on that stretch of highway either.

The building itself is non-descript.  The only way we really knew it was Amazon was that there was a small sign on the chain-link fence next to the road.  There are a whole bunch of docks for trucks to pull up to.  Since I’ll be working the dock, I guess that’s where I’ll be.  The building is huge.  Mark will be in stow, so I guess he’ll be moving a lot!

After we checked it out, I told Mark I wanted to find a place to get our hair cut because my bangs have been getting down in my eyes and driving me crazy.  We found a little hair salon in a shopping center and both got haircuts.  They did a good job.  While we were looking for them in the shopping center, we also found all kinds of restaurants so we decided to go into one for lunch.  We chose Louie’s Chinese Bistro.  Sounded like it should have served Chinese pizza or something, but it was really good Chinese food served by Chinese people who had a hard time with English.  The restaurant is nice looking too.  We decided we’ll go there occasionally after work for dinner.

When we got back to Reno, we wanted to see if we could find the fitness center that’s supposed to be in the casino.  We found it.  It’s inside a spa that Mark at first thought was too feminine.  Then we found out they give massages, including foot massages, and he decided he might be willing to try it sometime.  We also found the theater and looked at what’s currently playing.  That might be something to do sometime.  Outside there’s a go-cart race track.  That looks fun too.

Then we went back to Walmart to restock our shelves.  I have a new cookbook I want to try.  It’s one of those Reader’s Digest-sized magazines that you find at the cash register, but it’s put out by Prevention Guide and it’s called Slow Cooker So Easy!  I have been thinking that if I’m exhausted from working a ten hour day, it would be really nice if dinner was waiting for us when we get home.  We’re thinking ahead!


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