Easy come; easy go

Last night we got some snow.  It wasn’t enough to affect the roads, but there was a little on the roof of our car when we went out this morning.  It was too dark to see anything on the way to work, but in the fading light on our way home from work tonight, we could see snow on the mountains.  It was beautiful, especially as a backdrop to the darker foothills in front.

It occurred to me today that so far we’re spending the money we earn at Amazon on meals out and, this weekend we hope, massages.  By the time I get home I’m too exhausted to cook.  I’m sure not too tired to eat though.  I’ve put on a little weight this week.  I’ve also been going to bed around 8:15.  Even when I was a kid Mom let me stay up till 9:00, so I think this is a first for me!

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