From Reno, NV

We had a shorter drive today; about three hours.  In that time I finished reading the book we’ve been working on this whole trip.  Interestingly I was right all along about who the killer was.  I’d make a good investigator!  Mark and I talked about it, and that’s probably what makes me such a good editor.  I make connections and catch incongruities.  I guess it would be safer to stick with editing!

When I wasn’t reading I was looking at the scenery.  The mountains were all brown, and you’d think that would make them ugly, but somehow it worked for them.  The most beautiful thing though, was the Truckee River that wound along beside us.  Part of it’s beauty was due to the golden-leafed trees that lined it’s shores.  They were in bright contrast to the brown of the surrounding landscape.  The sky was mostly blue and it turned out to be so warm this afternoon that I was hot even though I had left my long johns in the drawer this morning.

There were three exits for Fernley.  We didn’t take any of them, but we looked at all the large warehouses as we drove by.  None of them had Amazon emblazoned on the outside, so we weren’t sure which building it is.  We know it’s about the size of four football fields.  We’re going to drive back to Fernley in our car tomorrow and see if we can find it and how long it takes to get there.

When we arrived at the most eastern edge of Reno, we could see the casino we’ll be living next to.  We got registered in the RV park and found our spot.  There’s nothing fancy about it.  The whole thing is gravel and you can hear traffic and airplanes; quite a different setting than when we were in Oklahoma.  Mark got us set up outside and I got us set up on the inside.  I brought the cats out of hiding and showed them that we’re settled for a while.  They’ve been checking everything out since.  We opened all the windows so they could explore the smell of Reno.

Once we were all set up, we decided to go check out the restaurants at the casino.  Mark remembered casino food as being really cheap.  It may have been when he was young, but it certainly isn’t now.  I had a BLT that cost $7, and that was about the cheapest thing on the menu.  The casino itself is smoky, but there are a lot of things going on there that I might not mind checking out.  I think I saw a sign that they’re going to have the Nutcracker Ballet this December.  I would love to take Mark to see that.  There are conventions and shows (there was a sewing and embroidery meeting in one of the rooms we passed) and I think I saw that they have a movie theater in there.  We also have access to a fitness center.  There is a shopping mall in there.  Outside there’s a manmade pond with manmade islands in it that golfers try to hit from the shore.  That’s a different concept: being willing to lose your golf balls.

After we left the casino, we went to Walmart, which is within sight of our casino/RV park.  We’ve located a church we want to try this Sunday that’s only about two blocks away.  This place is the complete opposite of everything in Gore.  We have access to everything we could need in easy distance, but no trees or wildlife.

Here’s a picture of our new home:

Grand Sierra Casino and RV Resort

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