Stormy weather

Yesterday we had high winds on our mountain.  Last night it began to rain.  Did I say “rain”?  I meant it began to pour!  When I woke up this morning and was waiting for Mark to wake up, I opened the curtain at the head of our bed and watched the trees whipping around in the wind and the rain flowing off our awning in torrents.

When we were up and getting breakfast this morning, we heard a sort of crash and one side of our awning room had come down.  Mark got it back up.  Later there was another crash and the bicycles which we keep in that room had been knocked down by the wind gusting against the canvas walls.  Mark went down below to get a part he needed, and while he was gone, a small table in the outdoor room fell over.

When Mark came back, he told me that a tree had come down on Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd and traffic was down to one lane.  I left shortly thereafter for my new Women’s Bible Study at Saratoga Federated, and on my way down our mountain I saw many branches and leaves scattered on the road.

We had a really good Bible study, and then I needed to run some errands.  One was to go to the Los Gatos Library to return a book.  On my way down Saratoga-Los Gatos Blvd I saw palm fronds all over the road.  If that isn’t a strange sight!  By the time I drove back up my mountain, a truck had cleared all the debris from the road.  We went through a lull this afternoon, but it sounds like the wind and rain are starting again.  We’re grateful for the trees that act as a windbreak around our RV!

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