My other job

My husband, Mark, returned from his last run as a long haul trucker on Monday.  I chose to become a freelance proofreader/copy editor so that I could be free to be with him in whatever the future holds.  We have a phone interview tomorrow morning with an organization where we’d be traveling around the country together.  We have also been looking at becoming Workampers; people who live in their RVs and go wherever there’s work.  Mark and I are nearly ready to go adventuring.

First we need to find homes for our pets.  Anybody want two cats and a rabbit?  Here are pictures of the cats:

Dobby, my guardian angel

Kimba, my little love

Thumper, my mini rex rabbit, is too new to have any pictures yet, but I can tell you he’s got the softest black fur and brown eyes.  I think he’d do better in a home where there weren’t any other pets and where there were few loud noises.
Besides getting ready to take my act on the road, I am available to edit another book.  If you or someone you know has a book that needs editing, contact me.  It would be especially nice if it was a children’s or YA book, or a graphic novel, but I am open to doing other kinds of books right now as well.

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