Midwest storms

You probably thought you’d never hear from me again, didn’t you? I’m sorry it’s been so long – over a month – since I last wrote. I’ve been doing a lot of sewing in my free time, but my son inspired me with an idea to write about!

I spoke with Jamey on Sunday and I was telling him about a storm we had last Friday night. I was describing to him how the lightning was rolling around in the clouds without really making a lot of noise. He said he’d heard of such a thing but hadn’t seen it, so I decided I would try to publish a few videos I had taken Friday night. It has taken me this long to figure out how to do that!

Friday after I got off work, Mark and I went up to the Liberty Grove Historical Society to set up my tent for the Vintage Market on Saturday where I planned to continue with my fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association through The Longest Day. The precursor to the storm was heavy winds.

Heavy winds as we were trying to set up my tent

We had to take one of our Jamaican girls down to Urgent Care Friday a little later in the afternoon, then we took her to get a prescription at Walmart. Both girls had come with us and they hadn’t had dinner, so we took them to McDonald’s and then to Dairy Queen for ice cream. It was while we were at Dairy Queen that the show began. (I had to put music over several videos to cover our talking.)

Javier shows up with her ice cream cone at the end

After we finished our ice cream, we headed back toward Sister Bay to take the girls home. By this time, the storm had broken loose over us.

I shot this as we were driving down a country road on our way to take the girls home.

Fast forward a couple of nights, and I was sound asleep just before 2:00 AM when a roll of thunder literally shook me awake! We had another storm in the clouds, so I grabbed my phone and started shooting a video out my bedroom window.

Shot through my bedroom window at a little before 2:00 AM

August is usually our stormiest month. If you love to watch storms, come to Door County in August!

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