From Salem, SD

This morning, as we were leaving western South Dakota, I was thinking that South Dakota must be so beautiful, I wouldn’t mind living there. I even looked up the median home price in comparison to other states, and it was less than Wisconsin or Arizona! But then we started heading across the rest of South Dakota, and it was mostly flat and dry. I didn’t take many pictures of the flat parts.

Mark loaded up the tow dolly at the KOA this morning. The brakes don’t work on it.
A lake
We started going down a 10% downgrade. With no brakes on the tow dolly, Mark couldn’t get the RV to shift into the right gear for such a steep grade. The tow dolly with the car on it was pushing us down. The view was incredible though!
A chainsaw woodcarver; look at the size of the men next to the winged Native American to give some idea of the scale!
Coming into Keystone
We crossed the Missouri River and entered Chamberlain.
Looking down on Chamberlain from a rest stop Mark surprised me with.
There was art everywhere, even on the way to the bathroom!
This is what Mark particularly wanted to show me. He hadn’t been here before, but one of his BACA friends had and told him about it.
According to the sign about this sculpture, the blue diamonds on this cape allow wind to flow through and supposedly they shake like an aspen leaf when it’s windy. It was very windy there, but I couldn’t see them shake.
Mark had the bright idea to climb up on the roof of the RV to get a better shot of Dignity. When he was up there walking around, I saw the RV swaying from side to side. Mark thinks we lost one of our shocks on the passenger side of the RV when we were coming down that steep incline.
Flat land with a view
A windmill farm; it was very windy. Mark was fighting a headwind most of the way here.

We had both of our GPSs set for the Dakota Sunset Campground today. We have found that our GPSs often disagree on the best route to take, and mine is generally shorter and more accurate. When we got into Salem, SD this evening, our GPSs took us to 2 different locations and said we had arrived, but we couldn’t see a campground anywhere. I ended up calling the park owner and she talked us through how to get there. Turns out that when my GPS said we had arrived, we looked to the right and saw only a farm field. Had we turned our heads to the left, we would have seen the campground. His GPS took us into a residential neighborhood in town. The campground owner was waiting for us when we got there. She was very nice and she handed me a baggie with 3 cookies in it. She said it came from the local bakery which she tries to support by buying cookies for all the campers.

She started asking me questions about Tucson and told me that there is an open area in the back where Tucson could run free if she’s the type of dog that will come when called because there’s no fence around it. Mark took Tucson out there as soon as the RV was set up and he says she loved it!

They also have a laundry room that is open 24 hours a day. That was a blessing because I was running out of clothes! The park is quiet and has some nice trees in it and we got a 15% discount for the night because I used their code word. All-in-all, I really like this park!

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