Good Friday sermon

When I got my quickie ordination in December so that I could marry Serenity and Jose, I told my pastor that I felt like I was finally getting to use my Pastoral Ministries degree. It was the first time he had heard what my bachelor’s degree is in. He asked if I’d like to make my ordination real and I said yes. That’s a whole process that will probably take me until next year to complete.

However, I told him a couple of weeks ago that there’s a sermon idea I’ve been kicking around since last summer and he asked me to write it out and send it to him. I sent the first draft last week and he sent me some suggestions. I wrote a 2nd and 3rd draft over the weekend and he asked when I would like to give it. I asked if he thought it would be appropriate for Good Friday and he said that would be a help to him. That way, he only had to write the Easter sermon. Tonight, he and I got together in the church and practiced our sermons with each other. He gave me some good tips on presentation. This will be my first sermon since I graduated in 1990.

If anyone is interested in watching me live, it will be live streaming at 6:30 pm Pacific Time on Good Friday. You can find it at If you aren’t able to make it to the live stream, you can watch the recording later at: In the meantime, prayers for courage would be appreciated!

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