Good Friday

Yesterday, my pride got in the way at work and I made a bad decision which I had to confess and repent of. How appropriate that this is the day when my sin was paid for!

This was also my last physical day at work for this tax season. When I got paid last week, I looked at my pay stub and saw that I had 60 hours of sick pay built up. I’m feeling an urgent need to get things done around here, so I asked my boss if I could use my sick pay for the next couple of weeks and she said I could. This morning, the company came out with a notice that they are going to start a new calling campaign next Monday due to the extended tax deadline of May 17th. I talked with my boss about it and she said she’s just going to mark all the calls off because, at this point, chances are that a lot of people on the call list have left drop-offs. I’m not going to worry about it, at any rate.

I hope you all have Easter services to attend or view online. Have a blessed weekend!

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