What did the groundhog see?

We woke up this morning to light snow that wasn’t sticking, but by 4:00 this evening, it was coming down a little harder. People around here are sick of it. I have never seen it snow so close to May before!

Picture taken from our back deck
We call these trees outside our living room window the “Kissing Trees”.
Will spring ever come?
Our front yard

Ellison Bay has a volunteer fire department and today they were having an open house dinner to raise funds to get defibrillators to put around the area. Door County North, the Welcome Center I work for down the street, was helping with it, so Mark and I went.

When Mark and I first arrived, we saw this heavy rescue truck in the parking lot. Mark said it’s nice inside. They have an area for command and control, oxygen tanks for refilling the firefighters’ masks after they’ve gone into a smoky building and used up their oxygen, equipment for decontamination including a wash station, and the ability to pump water.
Partway into the open house, an alarm went off and some of the firefighters had to put the truck into use.
This travel trailer was on display inside the fire station. Mark said it was set up for teaching kids about possible fire hazards and fire safety.
Larry Galuszka (to the right, behind the table) was a big help at the event. He is the husband of my co-worker at the Welcome Center, Vickie Bartolini.
The redhead with her back to the camera is my manager, Mickie Rasch. Here she is taking some snacks to some of the first responders who were there.
The meal was catered by the Great Lakes BBQ Company, a food truck that does catering in Door County. The food was good! Mark went for the BBQ, I went for the winter comfort food!
My manager, Mickie, is standing in the front toward the end of the meal talking about the fire department and thanking everyone involved in putting on this open house.
She introduced the new president of Destination Door County, Julie Gilbert, and the chief communications officer, Jon Jarosh. Destination Door County is the organization in Sturgeon Bay that publishes the Door County publications we give out to visitors and is the main welcome center as visitors come into Door County.
Jewel Peterson Ouradnik, Vice President of the Door County North board, spoke about how businesses were affected during Covid and that the J-1 students (foreign students who come here in the summer to work) are going to be coming to help again this summer after businesses not having any help last year. To the right, behind the water bottles, is my co-worker, Vickie.

The open house was well attended in spite of the weather. Hopefully, the fire station collected enough money to get a bunch of defibrillators!

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