From Sherwood, OR

When we left Pendleton this morning, the GPS said we should arrive at our destination by sometime after 1:00 pm. It was dark by the time we actually got here, but that was because we made some stops along the way.

Pendleton was a lot prettier than I remembered it being.
I asked Mark what the orange stuff across the river was. He told me it was autumn color. It has been a while since the last of our autumn color ended in Door County so I was surprised.
I was eating it up!
Going through the Columbia River Gorge is always my favorite part of the trip.
It had been windy from Pendleton to about Hood River, but as soon as we entered the gorge, we had no problems with wind.
The first and longest stop we made was at Multnomah Falls.
We decided to have lunch in the lodge. Multnomah Falls Lodge holds a special place in our hearts because we stopped here on our way back from our honeymoon, and then again on one of our anniversaries. It has always been a very romantic place for us.
This is the only picture of me on this whole trip, and I’m overshadowed by the falls!
When we left there, Tucson seemed to sense that we were coming into familiar territory. She stood right next to me and watched intently!
When we got to Oregon City, we stopped to get gas and propane and then came to Clackamette Park to dump our tanks. This is another romantic spot for us because this is the park where we got married!

As I say, it was after dark when we got to my cousin’s house in Sherwood where we’ll be staying on this part of the trip. Not only was it dark, but it was rainy and cold. My cousin came out to help us get into his driveway and get hooked up, and once we were set up, we went in and had dinner with him and his wife. We sat around the table for several hours talking about everything from family to the state of the world. It is so good to be here for a while!

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