As you may recall, yesterday Mark had to stop trying to pull out that bush by the clothesline because a piece broke that was holding the chain. Today, he went to the hardware store and bought something sturdier for pulling out stumps, and he started out with a stump in the front flowerbed where we cut down an ugly bush our first summer here.

Mark was very proud of himself for getting this big sucker out.
He was so excited about getting the first stump that he went after another one.
Oops! Another broken clamp.
Back to the hardware store to get something more heavy-duty
This should be strong enough!
Yep! That stump didn’t stand a chance. It exploded out of the ground!
Another stump conquered!
Mark used everything from a shovel to an ax to…
…brute strength!
Thirsty work!
Meanwhile, Tucson kept trying to bury her ball in the holes that were left.
OK, now let’s try that bush in front of the clothesline again.
Oh, so much better!
You da man!
Tossing it over his head onto the burn pile
Hmm… Let’s try the super duty chain on this stump.
That was too much for the chain to handle. 🙁

After all that fun, I asked Mark to finish the shelves he’s been working on to add to my craft room.

He put in the upper shelf unit.
This is going to hold my bolts of fabric upright!

It’s been a very productive day, and I owe it all to my big, strong husband!

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