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So much has happened since the last time I blogged.  We have been having issues with electricity and internet, so now that I have both, I can get you all caught up…

We spent the night at my mother’s house last Thursday because our conference wasn’t supposed to start until Friday evening.  I’ve been looking forward to seeing her back yard ever since she started working on it last summer.  She had let her back yard go the previous summer when my stepfather was dying and it looked ugly all last winter.  As soon as the weather was nice, she moved a load of dirt to create a berm and then she planted it with flowers.  I have been hearing how proud she is of it, and with good reason!

The berm my mother created.  Considering this is mid-November, it’s holding up quite well!

During the day on Friday, Mark and I ran several errands.  First, we went to get haircuts because Mark was anticipating beginning work at UPS yesterday (Monday).

Mark getting a haircut. I was getting one at the same time.

The conference we were going to last weekend was put on by Family Life and called A Weekend to Remember.  It was a Christian marriage conference.  The itinerary said that Saturday night was going to be “Date Night” and I didn’t have any nice dresses, so we went to Ross and got me one.

Modeling the dress and sweater for Mark outside the dressing room

The conference was at the Red Lion Inn on Hayden Island near the Columbia River.

I didn’t want to take any pictures during the sessions or identify any people there, but this shows some of the books they were selling.

I made reservations at a restaurant Mark had never been to and I hadn’t been to in many years — Chart House.

The Chart House sits up on a hill with a view of the city lights of Portland.

The view was good; the meal was good; the evening was good!

Sunday morning was the last couple sessions, ending with a re-commitment ceremony complete with frame-able certificate, but we forgot to get our certificate witnessed.  I took Mark to the RV to get it checked out, and then I drove back to the conference and got our certificate signed by two of the speakers.  I was supposed to get to my sister’s house by 1:10 pm, but I didn’t know how to get there the fast way from the conference so I didn’t make it until after 1:30 pm.  Everyone was on pins and needles because we were going straight from there to Eugene, OR to hear my nephew play in a concert.  That’s a two hour drive and the concert started at 3:30 pm.  Fortunately, we were only a minute late!

The band director introducing a piece.

This is a community band and they are very good!

My nephew plays percussion. Here he was playing chimes.

During the intermission, I was able to get up into the balcony. This is looking down at my sister, Sherill, looking up at my nephew, brother-in-law, and Mark while my younger sister looks on.

After intermission, the band director said he always features one of the players. This time, it was the woman seen waving here.

My nephew playing the snare drums while another percussionist was playing the cymbals.

The whole ensemble

Nate playing the triangle…

…and the base drum

My family listening: (L-R) My older sister, Sherill, my mother, Donna, Mark (leaning back), my brother-in-law, Rob (Nate’s dad), and my younger sister, Lauryn (Nate’s mom).

The final bow

Monday, Mark called UPS to find out when he was supposed to report for work, and they said they can’t use him this year.  That left us scrambling for work.  We went to the Goodwill Job Connection and the job coordinator there gave Mark several leads.  He also told him there’s a big job fair happening tomorrow, so Mark has been preparing his resume and filling out applications.  I have some work left with Door County North and some editing I’ve been doing, but I had thought about looking for other work as well…

That is, until this afternoon.  My older sister, Sherill, goes in for chemo every Tuesday.  Today she fell asleep while driving to her appointment.  Fortunately, she woke up just in time to avert an accident, but I will be doing the chauffeuring for her and her husband this week.  Her doctor says this will improve if she stops taking any calcium supplements, so we will see what happens after her next appointment.  Please keep her in your prayers.

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