Things I’ve learned in Oklahoma, Part 2

A prize to Capi Reed from Reedwood Friends Church.  She responded to my last post asking if the sound we’ve been hearing that the locals identified as being crickets could actually be cicadas.  I went to YouTube and found what a cicada sounds like:  Sure enough; that’s it!  Oklahomans should be ashamed that a Portlander did better than them, and from only a verbal description!

Mark photographed a cicada yesterday outside our RV.  It was two inches long including wings.  They grow big bugs here!

Another thing I’ve learned is that June bugs aren’t nearly as pretty as their name suggests.    They make a sound when they’re flying that’s really loud, as though they’re right next to your ear.  Fortunately, as their name suggests, they only seemed to be obnoxious for the month of June.

Other than that, I’m on the verge of picking up “y’all” and calling everyone “Hun”.  Folks around here are friendly.  When I was at the Laundromat yesterday, another woman told me all about how her washing machine door broke after her toddlers jumped on it once too many times.  As she left with her laundry she said, “Bye, Hun!”  🙂

It’s been pouring down rain all day, so I guess we’ve got at least one inch of rain for the corn this week.  It could be more because our yard is flooding again.  Drink up, corn!

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