Gearing up for this summer

Mark and I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger.  Oh wait — he is one-armed!  😉

Monday and Tuesday we worked on the volleyball court.  Mark was raking and weeding one-handed while I sewed some duct tape along the top of the net to repair it. The way I reached it was to set a step ladder in the back of our golf cart and stand on that.  Every time  I needed to move further ahead, I just drove the cart forward a couple of feet.  I actually got sunburned on my arms!  When I first started on it yesterday, it looked like I had miles ahead of me and it felt overwhelming.  By the time I finished today I was probably two-thirds of the way across the net and I think I’ll be able to finish next week.

I’ve been talking with Melanie and Jeff.  I thought that last Saturday when we had our best sales yet gave us a hint at what it would be like this summer.  We did $446-worth of sales and rentals.  They tell us that there were days last summer when Activities did $2000-worth of sales and rentals.  I can’t even imagine how busy we’re going to be!  Jeff came in today and told me to get more ceramics and put them out because that’s going to start going fast come Memorial Day weekend.  Everyone is gearing up to be slammed, and Melanie told me to enjoy this peaceful time and not try to do anything extra yet.  Sunday morning breakfasts are going to start this Sunday with mothers eating free with a paying family member for Mother’s Day.  That’s the only extra thing Melanie wants start at this point.

Beginning Memorial Day weekend, if I don’t write as often, you’ll know I’m dog-tired.  I’m looking forward to having full weeks though.  Mark and I now have help lined up for the full summer with Linda and Cathy, both of whom are very extroverted and our customers love them.  There’s also a new Workamper named Vicki who has been tapped to help out in Activities sometimes.  She’s a former school teacher who doesn’t want to be around kids too much, so maybe I’ll have her work in the snack bar we’re trying to get set up.

That snack bar is another thing we’ve been working on.  Earlier this week we were told to clear out everything that isn’t snack bar related.  I’ve been using that area to store some of our craft stuff, so then I had to figure out where to put that stuff.  Linda worked half a day today, so while I was sewing the volleyball net, I had her organize the office to accomodate all the stuff we needed to squeeze in there.  She’s a good organizer.  It was all put away when I came back.

They’ve been talking about having a snack bar for a long time, so this is going to be something new in Activities.  We need to see if we can make it profitable.  So far all we’ve been selling from the snack bar is drinks, but they have plans to get us chips and candy, ice cream, and maybe a crock pot with cheese for nachos.  There have been other ideas thrown out too, but these are the ones that they are actively working on.  The snack bar is also going to have its own cash register, so that’s something they are looking for as well.

 Everyone has been cleaning and repairing and landscaping to the nth degree for the last couple of weeks.  This place is beautiful; our campers are going love it!

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