Birthday party on the mountain

Jamey and Sarah came to spend the night last night.  Apparently there is another location on Skyline Blvd with our address and they ended up there first, but they found Alice’s Restaurant which has wifi and were able to look us up by the name of the club.  They were an hour late getting here, but by the time they arrived I had a veritable feast prepared.  Sarah had been veggie deprived on their way down, so besides meat, I made creamed potatoes and peas, fruit salad, and we had a veggie tray from Safeway.  After dinner, we took them down to the range to watch the sun set.  Then we gave them a little tour.  They were really interested in all the recycling we do.  In Portland, all they have to do is put their recycling out on the curb in a bin and someone else does the work.

Sarah’s birthday had been the day before, so afterward we came inside and had cheesecake (with candles for her to blow out) and I gave her a present I’d gotten for her at Lake Tahoe.

After we’d all eaten our fill, we sat and talked for a long time.  Sarah is quite the artist, and whenever they travel, besides taking lots of pictures, she also sketches interesting things with story line in a little drawing pad.  Her sketches included people they’d met on their way down, funny things they saw that she didn’t get pictures of, and also a drawing of a photo someone had taken of the two of them standing next to the huge trunk of a redwood tree.  It was fun to hear all about their travels.

I have been having all sorts of problems with my laptop, so Jamey spent a long time last evening clearing them up.  My laptop is running so much better this morning.  Thank you, Jamey!

We didn’t get to bed till nearly midnight.  We let Jamey and Sarah have our big comfortable bed.  This morning I got up and made oatmeal with raisins for us all.  When Mark left for work, Jamey and Sarah loaded their stuff into their car and I took them into the office to meet Beth, Joe and Glenda.  They all said they could see a resemblance between Jamey and me.  🙂  Then it was time to say goodbye, and that was hard to do.  It was such a short visit, but we packed everything into it that we could.  I told them next time they come, they should plan to stay longer.  All the things that interest them are here.  There’s a computer history museum in San Francisco, and of course, we’re near Silicon Valley.  Jamey listed several things he would have been interested in seeing if he could have stayed longer.  Maybe they’ll come back again some day.


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