The vigil

I went to my church for the first time since I’ve been back, and I asked for prayer for my family, especially for my sister, Lauryn. I would ask the same of those of you who pray.

The hospice nurse checked in on Dad this morning. I don’t know what happened there, but I do know he was responding to the news that Dad had fallen. Then the social worker came over this afternoon. Lauryn says that she never saw Dad awake all day, meaning he also didn’t eat or drink anything. The social worker suggested that maybe he would wake up if they talked to him or read to him or touched him. Lauryn tried reading the newspaper to him. Elaine says that Dad is on a cocktail of Lorazepam, Morphine, and Haloperidol as needed. That could be what’s making him sleep.

Rob spent last night there and since Dad needs to be under 24/7 observation, Rob is going to stay there again tonight. He read Psalms to Dad last night and got some one-word responses. I suggested he read Ephesians to Dad since Dad told me that’s his favorite book in the Bible. I also suggested maybe they could get a response out of Dad if they did a crossword puzzle with him and asked him if he knows the answers to the clues. I don’t think Dad will be around much longer.

Elaine sent me a picture that was taken of Dad last summer before all this stuff happened.

I asked her if she had any pictures of him that showed his beautiful blue eyes.

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