Prayer request

For those who pray, please pray for my dad and Elaine and us daughters.

Yesterday, Dad tried to take a couple of letters out to the mailbox and he tripped on a crack and fell on his face. He couldn’t get up and he laid there for 15 minutes hoping someone would come and help him, but when no one did, he managed to get himself to the mailbox and pulled himself up on the pole. When he managed to get himself back into the house, Elaine, who had been napping when it happened, took him to the ER. They did a CAT scan and found out that he had broken his neck. That was sometime after 4:00 Pacific time. He was in the ER until about 3:00 this afternoon while they tried to find an available bed for him. It’s almost 6:00 Pacific time as I write this and they haven’t fed him since he arrived yesterday on the chance that he might require surgery.

If you aren’t the praying sort, please send good thoughts his way!

Later, I hope to write about Kader’s wedding this last weekend, but it took me through last night to process all the pictures I had taken, and then this happened to my dad.

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