Bridal shower

As a refresher, let me tell you about my Turkish daughter, Kader. We met her 4 or 5 years ago through a Bridges program put together by the churches in northern Door County. J-1 students come here to work for the summer and their employers provide housing and a bicycle for getting around. The churches decided to pair them up with Christian families who could take them around Door County, invite them over for dinner, or take them to Bridges events that are planned to give the students a chance to meet each other and do something fun.

We were actually assigned a young man named Merih, and I offered to take him and show him around Door County. When I went to pick him up, he asked if he could bring a friend, and it was Kader. She was really shy about trying to speak in English at the time, but Mark and I took her into our family as well and she has been like the daughter I never had.

A couple of years ago, she flew down to Tucson to help me drive my car to Wisconsin while Mark drove the RV hauling his motorcycle on a trailer. Kader and I had a lot of time together in the car, but it took her several days to finally tell me she’d met a nice guy. We immediately made plans to stop in Milwaukee and meet Zak. They began dating long-distance, and then Kader moved down to Milwaukee, and on August 1st this summer, Kader’s birthday, Zak proposed to her. Then a couple of weeks ago, she asked Mark and me if we would represent her parents at their wedding on December 3rd, and Zak’s sister contacted me to invite me to a bridal shower today. Mark and I spent the weekend in Milwaukee.

This morning we went to church with Zak and Kader. We parked our RV in the outback on the perimeter of their parking lot. The place is huge!

Then Zak took Kader and me to the shower and he and Mark hung out at a coffee shop for an hour.

Zak’s sister planned this party and when we came in, there were games set up on this table. Also, they had envelopes for us to put our names and addresses on to make it easier for Zak and Kader to send thank you notes out and she asked people to bring their favorite recipes for them.
This was the food table, and someone had even made a Turkish dish for Kader.
Kader with Zak’s sisters. The one to her immediate left is Kimberly who planned this.
I think this is one of Zak’s nieces…
…and this little cutie is another. She was a study in perpetual motion!
Zak and Mark came in time for the gift opening. This was when they first sat down in front of everyone.
Kimberly arranged to have Kader’s parents be able to watch the gift opening from Turkey. Kader was pleasantly surprised!
Besides the knife set we got Zak and Kader and a blender Zak’s mom got them, everyone else gave them multiple sets of covered glass storage dishes (3 sets) and 2 sets of glass canisters. It got to be pretty funny after a while!
Afterward, Kader and Zak visited with his grandmother who was just widowed last weekend. They have put off the funeral until next weekend. Please pray for her and for Zak’s family as they mourn the death of his grandfather.
Just before we left, Mark took a group selfie of Zak, Kader, me, and him.

We left late enough that Mark and I have stopped near Green Bay for the night. I have my last day of work at the Welcome Center tomorrow, so we’ll need to get up early and get me to work. I can’t wait for the wedding now!

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