We will be delayed

Tax season ends tomorrow, the 18th, and we have been talking about leaving to head to Oregon on the 19th, but we always anticipate that something is going to delay our best-laid plans.

Last week, we had no electricity in our outlets and we thought that would delay us, but Mark got that fixed yesterday, so we were back to thinking we could make it out of here on the 19th. We ran into a bit of a disaster today…

One of the things on Mark’s to do list was to change the oil in the RV before we go, but he needed to take the RV for a run to heat up the oil that was in it and make it thinner. That way, it would drain more easily. He took it to a truck wash on the other side of town, and he noticed that the pantry came out a couple of times when he went around corners, so the next corner he took as slowly as he could, but the pantry still came completely out, landed on the floor – spilling everything – and broke.

This is what I saw when he opened the door. Behind Mark, you can see the hole the pantry fell out of.
The shelves were only stapled in.

To top it all off, Mark had 2 bad falls today. Poor guy! I was in the church quilting with my quilt group and having a good time while everything seemed to be going wrong for him. Please pray for him as he goes through the rest of his to do list!

One thought on “We will be delayed

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about Mark’s falls. I will definitely pray for him for this and also all the prep work to travel.
    Bad pantry!

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