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I have wondered ever since the fire if there were ever any news stories about it or at least traffic reports. Today I thought of a way to search, and I did find an article about it:

The article is brief and features the work of the fire department.

If you scroll down the page, there are 2 videos taken at the time of the fire. One of them appears to have been taken by someone on a frontage road as they were driving past and it’s very brief. The other is a UDOT highway camera that shows about half an hour of the emergency vehicles and the traffic jam. I watched the whole UDOT video because I hadn’t been aware of everything that was going on on the outskirts. Mark just told me that after he got the motorcycle out of the truck, he sat on the highway wall to watch, but his chest was hurting. He debated about whether to walk over to the ambulance and have them check him out, but he finally decided to do it. They took his blood pressure, which was low, and put him on oxygen until he felt better. I don’t expect you all to watch the whole thing, but I was fascinated to see, really, how relatively quickly it all happened. To me, at the time, it felt like it took several hours from the time we discovered the fire until the truck was towed away, but in the video, you can see the emergency vehicles arriving and all the lanes on the highway being blocked, and by the end of the half-hour video, 2 of the lanes have opened up and some of the emergency vehicles have left. I could see the foam on the highway from the firemen putting the fire out and people were driving through it. The UDOT video ends with the pickup being loaded onto the tow truck.

So many times, I’ve been stuck in a traffic jam from an accident and been annoyed at being delayed. Or I have driven past accidents with only mild curiosity. I have seldom thought about the people whose lives have been most affected by the accident. Watching the UDOT video from a distance gave me a different perspective on the fire, and yet, it was like reliving it again on the ground. I hope to remember this experience and pray for people I pass who have been in an accident.

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