From La Crosse, WI

Stay tuned until the end for the surprise I promised last night!

This morning, we woke up to snow. Fortunately, it wasn’t sticking to the roads, but it was enough to look pretty!

A redbud tree covered in snow
Heading to breakfast at Cracker Barrel
Ah! Coffee!
A pretty view
By the time we got to the Iowa border, the snow was gone.
We have been tired because of crossing two time zones in less than a week. I thought this was a clever reminder in one of the rest stops.
Mark took Tucson for a walk
Tucson is looking forward to getting home!
Red pavement; I wonder what they put in their roads?
Trust me! You wouldn’t want to see us in focus. We hadn’t taken a shower since leaving Tucson. We stopped in at a truck stop to get one today.
Mark was singing the praises of feeling clean!
Pretty farm
“Minnesota welcomes you”
Heading east toward Wisconsin
“Wisconsin welcomes you” – and also La Crosse!
Crossing the Mississippi River
The mighty Mississippi
Sunset over Walmart where we’re spending the night

And now for the surprise…

Ashton, the tall one, will be joining us for the summer. Pauline brought all of Ashton’s luggage this evening and we had dinner together. Ashton will come by bicycle tomorrow and ride the rest of the way home with us!

With Ashton around for the summer, I suspect you’ll be seeing more pictures of activities we do around Door County. Everyone, say “Hi” to Ashton!

3 thoughts on “From La Crosse, WI

  1. Hi, Ashton! It has been so nice to meet you and get to know you.

    Schoolwork can be overwhelming, but you keep at it. God cares about all of you and your worries. He’ll be with you through it all.


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