Date night!

It seems like every year that I have worked for H&R Block/Block Advisors, there has been a hitch in my hiring at the beginning of the season, and this year is no exception. I tried all week to get things worked out so that I could start my training and things have progressed, but as of yesterday, I still couldn’t get into my training.

Since I haven’t been able to train or start making phone calls, I’ve been working on locating local businesses that Block has coupons for, printing out the coupons, and delivering them. Yesterday, I delivered coupons to AMC Theater and noticed a poster for a new Tom Hanks movie called News of the World. Later, I delivered coupons to Applebee’s and saw that they were open for dine-in, so when I got home from work, I asked Mark if we could have a date night. He was happy to oblige!

We had a lovely dinner and then went over to the theater. We had reserved our tickets for the movie online. They only sold six tickets for the movie we went to see and two of them were for a couple from my church who were also having a date night from their kids. They were sitting in the row ahead of us and over a couple of seats. It was nice knowing someone else there.

The movie was really good. I’ll just tell you a teaser about it. It’s set in the 1800s a while after the civil war. Tom Hanks plays a man who served from Texas and when he came back, he started traveling around Texas with a batch of newspapers that he would read in front of audiences for a dime per person. On his way to one of his gigs, he finds a girl of German descent that had been captured by the Kiowa tribe when she was very young and spoke no English. When most of her tribe was killed by soldiers, she was being taken to her only living relatives, but her guardian met with some misfortune on the way. He had papers from the government about who the girl was and where her relatives lived, so Tom Hanks decided to take her on. That’s not giving away any more than the trailer for the movie tells, but I’d like to add that it’s going to be another blockbuster for Tom Hanks. It was very good. If you are daring enough to go to a theater (they are limiting the seating so you have to make reservations online), this would be a good movie to see!

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