From Lake Ogallala, Nebraska

I am having to write this on Mark’s tablet because he still hasn’t been able to get his new Hotspot to work. I’ll keep this brief.

Before we left Newton this morning, I looked to see if the campground Mark was hoping to get to tonight was open, but it wasn’t. Mark wanted to stop near Ogallala, NE so I looked for year round campgrounds in the area. I found a campground at a state recreational area, so we set our course for there.

The day was fairly uneventful. Had I been able to add photos on this tablet, there wasn’t anything particularly interesting to show. We crossed from Iowa to Nebraska and about an hour before we got to our destination, we entered Mountain Time.

The biggest news of the day happened after we turned off the highway to head to our campground. The GPS directed us down a long gravel road. It was dark and even with our brights on, we couldn’t see very far ahead. We were led to a small, bare patch of ground that didn’t look right. Mark was looking at his GPS and I was looking at his tablet. We couldn’t see where we were supposed to go but I made some lucky guesses. I remembered that the description I had seen this morning said that the road and RV pads were hard surfaces. I zoomed out to try to see the big picture and I could see where the campground was. I zoomed back in and backtracked from there to see where we were and told Mark to keep going straight until we got to the road we were supposed to be on.

We spent probably half an hour peering into the dark, our nerves on edge. I was thinking of all the horror movies I used to watch and envisioning all sorts of bad things that could happen.

Finally, we saw a paved road and turned down it. There ahead of us was a sign for the campground. We registered, found a site near what appears to be water, and parked. Once Mark had us plugged in and we could turn on our lights, we felt a whole lot more cheerful!

Mark just took Tucson out to do her thing and he said that it’s snowing outside. It will be interesting to see what it’s like here in the morning. If we go missing, we are at Lake Ogallala Campground east. I’m sure we’ll be fine, but it never hurts to let people know where we are!

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