Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m…

…64! Yikes!

Thank you to all of you who sent birthday greetings on Facebook and through email and the mail. I’ve been well celebrated!

This morning while I was still in bed, Mark brought me a gift bag full of presents. This emerald necklace (my birthstone) was one of them.
Mark recently bought a new Harley, and this was my first opportunity to go on a ride with him.
I have wanted to go to Biosphere 2 for years, ever since I saw a documentary about a group of young researchers living in it for a year when it was first built. This may be the closest I’ll ever come to it. *SIGH*
I asked my pastor, Adam, where a good place to go hiking would be for a couple of senior citizens. He recommended Catalina State Park.
The temperature was down in the 90s today, so I thought we’d be OK taking this 0.75-mile hike on the Romero Ruins Trail to see the ancient ruins of a Hohokam village. These steps came early in the hike, and in the heat, they just about did me in.
I found the flora and fauna on the trail beautiful and interesting.
Those are the Catalina Mountains in the background.
A cactus rose
I called this saguaro “The Apartment Building”. See all the holes in it?
Birds make their homes in these cacti. (Can you see the second bird?)
Mark says this bird was trying to cool off on the shady side of the cactus with its mouth open.
Tiny white flowers on a low shrub.
Some information about the ruins
What’s left of one of the homes
A shadow over the mountains
Bright flowers on a different kind of cactus
Golden grasses
This little guy ducked into a shadow where I could get better contrast with the ground.
Mountain view
I kept a healthy distance away from the cactus while still getting close enough to shoot the colors.
Mark and his walking stick
Back near the start of the trail, we took some refuge from the sun and drank some water under this shady tree.
I got way too hot and rested under another tree when we got back to the parking lot.
Mark rode his bike past me so I could get a scenic shot of it.

When we left the park, we stopped at the closest Walmart and got some food to eat in the parking lot. Stores down here have covered parking under solar panels, so we sat by the bike and had veggies, fruit juice, and nuts to help me regain my strength.

When we got home, we found cards and presents in the mailbox and also on a chair in front of our RV.

The hummingbird table runner was made by my friend, Wendy. The skirt and two tops that Mark bought for me are on the bed, as is the DVD about Mr. Rogers. I think I know who left the Lighthouses calendar in front of our place, but I’ll have to check to be sure at church tomorrow. The cards I received today are in the foreground. I believe there may still be at least one more coming from my Dad.

I just want to thank you all for making this a special birthday. I wasn’t sure what kind of a birthday I could have with social distancing and everything being closed, but so many of you have sent me birthday wishes that I almost feel like I’ve had a party!

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