From Wheeler Ridge, CA

We drove in a haze today, literally.  We left Galt at 9:30 am and the temperature was 52°.  It got quite warm the further south we drove. Wheeler Ridge is just south of the junction of I-5 and Hwy 99, north of Los Angeles.  We arrived at the truck stop here around 3:30 pm in 70° weather.  I have a feeling I won’t be wearing sweaters again until we get back up to Wisconsin!  Here are today’s pictures:

Riding through Stockton, I took this shot to remind me to mention that we began seeing palm trees yesterday around Redding, CA.

Back on I-5 heading south, I thought maybe it was foggy ahead, but we were actually looking at the first haziness of the day.

Probably as far north as Los Baños, we were seeing the haze from the Thomas fire and others around Los Angeles.

At this point, we could see pretty well close up.

We kind of went in and out of hazy areas.  This was the worst for today.

Mountains closer up were getting hard to see at this point.

This picture was taken not too far north of Wheeler Ridge. The mountains are almost like ghosts on the horizon.  Can you see them?  Mark said that when he was here last year, the mountains were sharp and clear.

We stopped at the truck stop here in Wheeler Ridge because we desperately needed showers.  We have no water in our holding tank.  It felt so good to get clean again!  We opened all the windows and vents in the RV to let in some fresh air for the first time this winter.  If the skies were clear, this would be almost perfect weather!

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