From Burley, ID

Mark and I splurged this morning and had breakfast at the IHOP that was right across the street from the Walmart where we spent the night.  Fortified, we crossed two mountain ranges (the Rockies and the Wasatch Mountains) and two state lines (Utah and Idaho).  Here are today’s pictures:

Still socked in this morning, and a bit icy.

The light at the end of the tunnel!

We stopped in Evanston, WY to mail a couple things and it was snowing again.

Evanston is the last town before you cross the border into Utah on Highway 80.  This is what it looked like at the border:

It was snowy all the way through Wyoming, and as soon as we left that state, we didn’t see any more snow except in the mountains!

We pulled off the highway in a little rest area so I could make us some lunch and we could eat. I loved the red rocks and blue sky.

It almost feels like an invitation to hike or climb!

Last time we were along this route, we missed the pull off to see the Devil’s Slide.  We’ve been talking about this since yesterday and were watchful for the sign today.

This is a fantastic formation just north of Salt Lake City.

You can see the “slide” more easily in this view.

I’ve been reading up.  Millions of years ago this was at the bottom of a shallow sea.  The two sides were made of hard limestone deposits, and the center was made of a softer, shaly limestone that eroded.  The sides of the slide are about forty feet high, twenty five feet apart, and some two hundred feet long.  About seventy five million years ago, the land folded upward to make the mountain and left this rock formation tilted on end.

Mark taking pictures of the Devil’s Slide.

The last vestiges of the Wasatch Mountains

Cattle as far as the eye can see, bringing to mind a song from my youth: “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!”

They’ve covered their hay bales against the weather.

I believe these are the Sawtooth Mountains near the border to Idaho.

Idaho’s welcome sign has been used for target practice!

Sunset over the mesa

We arrived in Burley, Idaho while it was still light and parked at Walmart again.  I am so looking forward to getting to Portland and being able to plug into electricity and water.  We have a generator but it uses up our gas.  We ran out of water in our fresh water tank a couple days ago.  We have several gallon bottles of water we’ve been using, but we won’t be able to take showers till we fill up the tank.  The form of camping we’ve been doing on this trip is called Boondocking and there are people who do it all the time, including one of my friends from Wagon Trail Campground.  I’m not sure how they keep it up.  Judy, if you’re reading this, any suggestions?


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