Yesterday morning, I got up and looked at the bedroom walls after we had skim coated them and was disappointed to see that the holes still showed.  Last night, we skim coated them again.

Remember me saying how easy the YouTube video made skim coating look and how “fool proof” they said it was?  I’m beginning to wish we could have hired them to finish our bedroom walls for us.  In the places where you can’t see the holes (there are still places where you can), there are so many lumps and bumps I’m afraid I might not be happy with it.  It’s not at all like the nice smooth wall they showed in the video.

In the interest of trying to finish and get moved in, we primed the walls tonight.

From this...

From this… this.

…to this.

We’re going to have to skip church tomorrow to finish painting and get ready for the dedication on Monday.  My dear friend, Kathy Plahmer, is going to come over and help me clean tomorrow.  I have let everything go in order to focus on the projects I’ve been working on.  I am so grateful that Kathy offered!

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