Hiring employees

I hired three men today.  I’ve never done that before so I hope I got some good ones!

The first one is willing to work any time we’re open.  He’s a retiree who worked here last year.  He loves to talk.  I hope he’ll use his gift of gab to sell trees to our customers rather than disturbing any of us workers.

The second is a young man who already has another job but can work early shifts.  He has a pickup and could conceivably make deliveries if he wants.  He seems soft-spoken and respectful.

The third I almost didn’t consider hiring.  He’s the one that stood outside the fence last night calling, “Hello!” until he got our attention so we could take his application.  His application wasn’t completely filled out and he gave, as a reason for leaving one of his jobs, that his boss couldn’t afford to pay him.  That sounded like a red flag to me, so I called both the employers he listed.  Both of them said he’s hard-working, reliable, honest, and he takes initiative and keeps himself busy.  I called him to let him know I would like to hire him, and he came by later to thank us in person.  He’s only able to work the evening shift, so it seems I have all parts of the day covered.

This afternoon while I was working in the tent with only a shawl over my clothes, Mark told me that our front door wouldn’t open.  We kept working till after dark, by which time I was freezing.  We had to use a ladder to get up to the driver’s side door and crawl in over the seat.  Mark took the door panel apart and our deadbolt lock is broken.  We’re going to have to use the awkward method of egress and entrance until Mark can find the parts to fix it.  🙁

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