New windshield

When we took our RV in to get the new windshield this morning, Bob the body shop man discovered that ours is the kind that has to be cut out and the new one glued in.  He almost turned us away.  His son was willing to tackle the challenge but told us we’d need to leave it at the shop all day. 

So we spent a good part of today at the Glendive Public Library catching up on e-mails.  When we went back to the shop around 4:15, they had the new windshield in but the glue hadn’t set long enough yet.  They had tape around the new section.  Knowing that we live in our RV, they let us take it home for tonight, but we’ll have to stop there on our way out of town in the morning to have the tape taken off.

We got our mailbox key returned to the post office, paid the landlady what we owed for these three nights, and stocked up on groceries for our trip.  Turns out the landlady is a Christian!  She said she’d pray for a safe trip for us.  I hope some of you will too!

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