I finally met my boss, Rose, today and when I offered her my hand to shake, she gave me a hug instead!  She’s about the same age as my parents and she seems very nice.  She complimented me on what I’d done with the paperback exchange area.

I told Rose that Mark and I and several of our friends and family had been praying for a safe journey for Jerry and her after their truck broke down in Fort Nelson.  She confided in me that she was trusting a little wooden head that she got in Hawaii and hung from her visor to take care of her.  I found it strange that one would put their trust in a piece of wood formed by human hands.  I suppose she finds it strange that someone would put their trust in One they cannot see!

The big news around here the last few days has been about the Funny River Fire on the Kenai Peninsula.  I’ve been concerned about my cousin, Karen McGahan, who lives in Kenai.  I wrote to her a couple days ago and hadn’t heard back from her till today.  She wrote back and said she can see the fire from her place but so far it’s about twenty miles away.  As of today, 182,209 acres has burned and they are up to 30% containment.  There was a light rain today that they say helped some in controlling the fire.  Karen sent me a link to her radio station’s Facebook page,  There are all sorts of pictures posted on the page including video footage.  Karen is a talk show host on KSRM 920 AM on Thursdays.  I’m sure this will be the topic for her next show!  Please pray for the firefighters and the families that have had to be evacuated from the area.

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