First day on the job

This morning Mark and I headed up to the office at 8:00 to fill in all the paperwork for starting our new job.  When we finished that, Melanie took us on a golf cart tour of the park.

This weekend is a fishing tournament and Melanie loaned Mark her camera to take pictures of the fishermen on the shores of the river here.  I say “shores” because there is an island that you can cross over to if you have tall waders on.  As of this morning, the record for this weekend was a 4.4 lb trout.  The air was frigid, but the sky was relatively clear.  Mark will be taking pictures at every event, and he was shown how to put them on the web site as a slide show.  If you go to: you should be able to see the event in pictures.  (As of tonight it isn’t there, but it should be before noon Central Time.)

We were also shown where the outdoor theater is.  We’ll be showing movies every Saturday night.  There’s a large field where they’re going to install a fire pit because I said I’d like to do bedtime story times and storytelling.  We’re also going to be able to build something for one of our activities out there.  There’s a miniature golf course and Jeff (our other manager) asked Mark if he had any ideas for things they could build over the last hole.  They are very open to our suggestions!

But the area where we spent most of today was in the activity center.  My new little friend, Caylee (I misspelled her name in my last post), spent the whole day helping us clean and organize and decorate the place that will be under our baileywick.  Our first big gig will be St Patrick’s Day and Spring Break, so we’re working toward that.  After six days of sitting all day as we traveled here, I’m out of shape.  We were both exhausted at the end of the day, but very happy with the progress we’ve made.  There is, of course, tons more to do and to learn, but we’re having a blast!

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