From Amarillo, TX

For those of you who have been praying about the snow storms ahead of us, God has answered in a mighty way.  We have been driving on dry pavement even where there have been patches of snow on the side of the road.  The skies have been blue and the sun has been shining.  Pray us through one more day and we’ll be there!

We woke up this morning with no running water.  We didn’t have our hose attached to the faucet.  We were trying to pump water out of our tank, but the water pump was apparently frozen.  Mark heard in the office that it got down to 0 last night in Milan, NM.  I managed to get a tiny bit of water and heat some of it in our coffee pot for washing the dishes.  During the day things defrosted some so we have water for now.  We’ll have to figure out a way to keep all that warm in cold weather.

We were still in the mountains through a good part of New Mexico, and when we topped the last crest we looked down on a white valley.  I asked Mark, “What is that?”  He told me it was snow.  We weren’t sure what conditions would be like down there, but it was fine.

It seemed like there continued to be hills and mesas till we hit the border to Texas, and then it became the flat plains I was expecting to see.  There was a huge wind farm.  There must have been about 100 windmills within view of the highway.

One thing that has been driving me nuts is that ever since we got on I-40 we’ve seen signs pointing to Historic Route 66, but I can’t find Route 66 in my atlas.  I keep wondering if I-40 is the same thing, but I don’t think so.  However, parts of Route 66 seem to run parallel with I-40.

Tonight when we got set up at our campground, Mark suggested we go out for dinner.  We haven’t done that on this whole trip.  In fact, here’s how we’ve been doing things:

We have a bowl of cereal and some juice for breakfast.  Then while Mark is preparing the RV for travel, I line up our snacks for the day.  He has a bowl beside him and I just make sure that it’s filled all day.  I’ve put everything from trail mix to cookies in there.  When we get stopped at night, I usually fix something quick and easy because our table isn’t set up right now so there’s no place to have a real sit-down meal.  So I was open to the suggestion to go out for dinner.

We went to the TA Truck Stop here in Amarillo, and Mark took me to the parking lot where the trucks were parked.  When he was doing his long-haul trucking, he once saved a man’s life here.  The trucker was calling on his CB radio for someone and no one was responding, so he asked if anyone could hear him.  Mark said he could and the man told him he was having a heart attack.  Mark kept him on the CB and called 911.  He found out that the trucker was in the same lot as him and he got a description of the truck and went to find the man.  He had opened the trucker’s door and was trying to get him to relax when he saw the ambulence come in.  He helped the man climb out of his truck so the EMTs could put him on a gurney and take him away.  Mark locked up the man’s truck for him and checked on it before he left the next morning.  My husband is my hero!

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