Cats are like kids

We’re in the middle of another heavy rain storm.  Yesterday when I was working, my clothes got soaked.  Rain storms here seem to last several days.  We’ve had heavy winds and fog as well.

This morning, sometime after 5:00, it sounded like we were getting hail on our roof.  Mark and I were trying to lay in bed with our eyes closed even though we weren’t asleep.  Suddenly there was a blinding light that even penetrated our eyelids, and I swear it wasn’t more than a second or two before the loudest clap of thunder I’ve ever heard crashed over us.  Mark and I both jumped up and peeked out the window, but of course by then there was nothing to see.

From out in the living room we heard a very anxious meowing, so we decided to open the bedroom door and let our cats come in.  Dobby, our male tuxedo cat, came in first and he kept circling around and around, unable to settle down.  Kimba, our female calico cat, came in and crawled under the covers with us.  Whenever she feels insecure or cold, we often find her under the covers.  We never really got back to sleep, but it was kind of nice to have a little family time in bed!


Kimba, Christmas 2011


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