Catching up

I’ve been preparing for my family to come this weekend, so I haven’t written in nearly a week.  I wanted to write about what Mark and I did on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We decided to check out the local military commissaries and PX’s.  Tuesday we went down to Fort Ord in Monterrey.  We found the PX first.  It’s kind of like a Walmart or a department store.  It had a few groceries, but it was mostly all sorts of other things.  They have a lot of military clothing and stuff, but they also have clothing for families and games and toys and gifts and all kinds of things.  I was intrigued by a whole line of T-shirts with Bible verses and Christian sayings on them.

Then we went to the commissary.  I’m the type of person that saves any receipts we get, so I pulled out a receipt from Safeway and compared it to the food items on the shelves.  The commissary was consistently cheaper by about $0.50, but as I told Mark, it wouldn’t be worth the gas to drive all the way to Monterrey to save a few cents.

On Wednesday, we went to the Moffett Air Field which is considerably closer to us.  As an added bonus, it’s also a NASA Research Center and there is a museum on the base.  There are several gigantic hangers as well.  It currently looks fairly active, but it also looks like it might be in the process of winding down.  One of the hangers is just the metal skeleton and I saw buildings where the paint was badly peeling.  The base did have a commisary and a PX, but the hours they are open are shorter than on any other base I’ve been to.  We arrived after 6:00 and the commisary was closed, so we didn’t get to go in and look around.  Still, we might look into shopping there on occasion.

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