A hint of autumn

We woke up this morning to fog.  Up until now, the clouds have generally been in the valley below.  It was cool and the air was crisp.  I stepped outside to tend to some laundry I was working on, and Adam saw me with my hooded shawl on.  He laughed and said, “You’re from Oregon.  This should feel good to you!”

I said, “I was always cold in Oregon.”

Working this afternoon, even though the sun had finally come out, I was still cold enough to need a sweater, and I thought about what it’s going to be like this winter.  I started thinking about the one-piece motorcycle riding suit I brought along.  It was made for a man, but I have seen an alterations place down below that might be able to make it fit me.

Because we still don’t have heat, Mark told me that he wanted to go down after work and look for a space heater.  We looked at both Home Depot and Walmart, but they still only have fans out.  Fortunately, we have an electric blanket!

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