The last part of the NCRC

For the last week, I have been studying for the National Career Readiness Certificate.  The only part I haven’t already taken is the Locating Information test, which is supposed to be the hardest because it has more questions than the math and reading tests.  We will be given 55 minutes to complete the test and there are 38 questions on this test.

I saved this test to take last because I thought locating information would be easy for a librarian.  However, now that I have been practicing for the test this last week, I have a better understanding what kind of information I’ll be trying to locate.  It has nothing to do with using references and looking up information.  Instead, it will be measuring how well I can locate and understand information on various graphs, tables, diagrams, etc.

I have been trying to pass level 5 all week (in my practice sessions), and tonight I finally did it!  I have always considered myself to be detail-oriented, and I am when it comes to words; but when they are having me try to distinguish between representational and non-representational graphics and understand the difference between discrete and continuous data, it’s a little daunting. 

Now that I’ve passed level 5, I have until Thursday at noon to pass level 6.  At 12:30 on Thursday, I will be taking the test.  So far, I have a platinum and a gold.  I’m really hoping I won’t go below a gold on this test, because whatever my lowest score is will be what shows on my certificate.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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