Trip to Milwaukee

This morning, Mark and I had to again get up at 6:00. We drove to Serenity and Jose’s place in Algoma and left our car there. They took us down to Milwaukee, WI and dropped us off at the Jim May Gallery where our daughter, Kader works. She had just flown back from Florida with another of our daughters, Lara, yesterday. Lara is only going to be in Wisconsin for a couple of days, so this was our best chance to see them both. Serenity and Jose went off to do their own exploring while we visited.

Downtown Milwaukee.

We had gotten some food across the street and brought it over to have lunch with the girls at the gallery. When we finished eating, Kader disappeared into a Staff Only area and came back with a surprise for me…

…a birthday cake! (From L-R – Kader, me, and Lara)

Mark and I had time enough to catch up on our kids’ lives, and then Lara borrowed Kader’s car and drove us to the airport. She dropped both of us off there, but Mark was the only one taking off. I stayed with him until it was time to head down the concourse to his plane. He needed to fly back to Tucson to get his motorcycle and his Suburban. There is a committee meeting he’s part of at my church on Friday and then on Saturday, he’s going to start driving home. As he was walking down the concourse, he turned around a couple of times and blew me kisses and waved goodbye. I watched him unload all his stuff to be x-rayed and then I lost sight of him and walked back to the United entrance. I texted Serenity. She and Jose were not far away, so they came and picked me up and took me back to Algoma. I was in a hurry to get back home while the sun was still up and let Tucson out since she had been alone at home all day. On my way home, the sun was shining through the clouds in such a way that struck awe inside me:

God, You are so beautiful!

Since I have been home, I’ve had one call from Mark while he was on a layover in Houston and he should be calling soon from Tucson.

I’m writing this on my phone because Mark took our hotspot with him and the internet at home hasn’t been turned on yet, so I’m keeping this short and simple for tonight.

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