Happy New Year!

My extended family traditionally celebrates the gift giving part of Christmas on New Years Eve.  This tradition was started when my nephew was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.  My younger sister wanted him to associate Christmas with Christ’s birth, but decided he could start the New Year out with new things.  Hence, the gift giving on New Years Eve.

Everyone in the family brings one gag gift wrapped up with a green bow.  Every couple brings a nice gift that would be good for another couple wrapped with a red bow.  We all draw numbers and the first person chooses a gag gift.  The second person can either “steal” that gift or open a new one.  When the last person has opened a present, the first person has the option to “steal” any one of the opened gifts.  The first person tonight was my nephew, who opened the water cannon and decided to hang onto it throughout the game.

Then we opened the nice gifts in the same manner.  Our nice gift was a potato chip maker.  I wasn’t so sure about it at first, but the package says you can make them without oil, so I realized we could make healthy chips.

However, the nicest surprise for me was to see my son and daughter-in-law walk through the door.  Last I had heard, my son had the flu and wasn’t going to be able to come.  I was disappointed and didn’t wrap their gifts because I thought I wouldn’t be seeing them.  As soon as they walked in the door, I came over to the RV and wrapped presents I’d made for them last summer.  I had made presents for nearly everyone, so after the general gift giving, I gave out my gifts.  We also received a basket of snacks from my son and daughter-in-law that will come in handy on our drive tomorrow.

There was good food, lots of laughter, and lots of love shared among us.  I hope your New Year starts out with all these things and more!


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