La pelicula es fin!

Our co-workers took today off so they could throw a baby shower for a family member, and at first I was thinking, “How could you leave us on our busiest day?”  Actually, we didn’t have many people in today.  This was the slowest Saturday I’ve seen here since last spring.

One point of interest during the day was when a Hispanic man and his sons came in to rent bikes.  It was obvious that the oldest son was there to act as interpreter for his father who didn’t speak much English.  I tried my halting Spanish on him and he was obviously grateful, even though he had to correct me!

Then this evening Mark and I opened a brand new movie to show and the DVD had some scratches on it already and froze fairly early in the movie.  We had a large audience, and they were patient as Mark tried three times to either fix the problem or skip over it.  Finally Mark had to call off the movie due to technical difficulties.  There was a large Hispanic family in the audience, so I went over to them and said, “La pelicula es fin,” “The movie is over.”  They continued to sit there so I said, “Problema!”  They thanked me and began gathering their blankets and chairs.

I wish I had more opportunities to try to use my Spanish so it wouldn’t get so rusty.  I would love to have learned how to speak in complete sentences instead of sounding like a two year old in Spanish.  I am at least happy that I can get the gist of what I’m trying to say across to Spanish speakers!

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