Father’s Day Weekend and beyond…

For Father’s Day Weekend, a church group basically took over Marval and they had their own activities planned, so we didn’t get as much business in the Activity Center.  Monday was also pretty quiet, but things were beginning to pick up again yesterday when we had our last day of work for the week.

One thing that happened on Father’s Day was that a couple auditors we’ve been expecting to come sometime in the weeks since Mark’s vertigo attack showed up and surprised us.  These auditors came from Legacy, the umbrella company Marval is under.  The audit was for the purpose of Legacy seeing how much we are in compliance with their standards and it’s the auditor’s job to find areas in which each park needs to improve.  We haven’t gotten a full report yet, but we know they talked about wanting us to close down the Activity Center for four hours every day and plan outdoor activities.  We don’t have to be in complete compliance this summer, but they’re going to require it next summer.  I may do some experimenting this summer.

Last night I had an interesting dream.  I dreamed I was in Mexico and I was being driven up a hill.  I had the distinct impression I’d been there before, and when we got to our destination and I had a chance to talk with the person we were there to meet, she confirmed that her place was on the way to someplace I’d been in Tijuana.  In my dream, I didn’t know who spoke English and who didn’t, so I tried out my rusty Spanish.  I think that’s the first time I’ve ever dreamed in Spanish!

Mark and I are on our weekend now and he has a couple appointments at the VA in Muskogee tomorrow.  When we go back to work we will be on the 8th Annual Rubber Duck Race Weekend.  As I understand it, people pay $5 for a duck with a number that we provide.  All the ducks are standard weighted plastic ducks, so no one has an advantage.  On Saturday the ducks will be dumped into the river at one end of our island, and the first three ducks to make it to the other end of the island will win portions of the money we take in up to a total payoff.  The rest of the ducks will be collected in a net that will be strung across the river so they can be used again next year.  It sounds like fun.  I’m eager to see how it plays out!

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