Laundry room remodel

This was supposed to be the first day of our weekend, but Mark and Adam started out the day by pulling the washing machine and dryer and the old carpet out of our laundry room.  That carpet has been the bane of my efforts to clean because any time I vacuumed near the edges, long strands of carpeting would get stuck in the roller under the vacuum cleaner and make it stop.

There has been something in the corner of the laundry room that has puzzled me every time I clean in there.  There’s a box that has been covered over with a plastic cover, kind of like old typewriters used to be.  (Remember those days?)  The guys thought they were going to take it out today so they could have access to the whole floor, but it’s bolted to the floor.  Apparently it’s a seismic monitor, a reminder that we’re living on top of the San Andreas Fault Line.

Mark and I have spent the afternoon trying to organize and clean the RV for guests on Thursday (Jamey and Sarah!) while we waited for the laundry room floor to dry after they cleaned it.  Tonight they are working on laying down new linoleum.  I can see them out my window as I write this.  (Mark is swatting at mosquitoes.)  I suspect they won’t be able to put the machines back in till tomorrow to let the floor set.  It will be so nice not to have to fight with that rug that was filthy and couldn’t look any better even with daily vacuuming!

I also had an idea that I presented to Joe and Glenda, our groundskeepers, today.  We have deciduous trees all around us here and we are anticipating swimming in leaves this fall.  We’ve already had some that Mark raked up this morning.  Joe has been telling me how hard it is to grow things here, partly because of all the shade, but I suspect also because we have sandy soil.  I did some research today to try to find out what grows in sandy soil, and while I was reading, I learned about amending the soil with leaf compost.  As I was following up on that, I also read about those kinds of compost bins that you can turn around to mix the compost up.  The one I saw cost $130, but Mark and I got to wondering if we could make one from a black plastic garbage can.  I presented the question to Joe and Glenda, and they liked it, although they seemed a little dubious about getting money for it from the club.  Joe left the possibility open though and said we could talk about it more.

Then this evening as I was writing this, Mark called to me and said, “C’mere!”

“Where?” I asked.

“To watch the sun set,” he said, so we jumped into a golf cart and took a wild ride down a trail I hadn’t been on yet, up over the ridge of our mountain to look out over the sea side.  This is what we saw (those are clouds, not waves!):

Can you see why we love it here?


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