Four down; one to go!

We have just completed the fourth Trail of Terror weekend and yet it was the first where we actually worked on the trail.

After a full and busy day working in Activities (me) and the photographing the Pumpkin Patch (Mark), we had an hour and a half to eat dinner, put on our costumes and report on the trail.  Our station on the trail was the very last room, the Upside Down Room.  All the furniture is nailed to the ceiling and the pictures are hung upside down, but the actual floor is mud and rock.  It seems to me like it should be finished if they want to give the impression that folks are walking on the ceiling.  It would also make it less messy and slick.

Out of a whole room of grotesque, creepy masks, Mark and I found one that looks like Einstein for him and one that looks kind of like a sweet little old lady for me.  Mark worked at the entrance and clapped his hands, which started an automated creepy thing screaming.  I worked in the Upside Down Room and did some crazy dancing amidst the fog.  The only song I recognized on the recording that went with our room was Moonlight Sonata.  The rest were all really spooky songs.

I began to notice that a lot of people came in trying hard not to look around, so I started getting in their face and making them look at me.  Some people tried to dance with me.  A couple guys asked for a hug.  But I did hear a woman say I was kind of creepy.  People made such a concerted effort to get out that they ripped the plastic wall at the back of our room.  I was trying to stay in character all evening so I kept dancing even between groups.

We worked the trail from 7:30 to 11:00pm.  By the time we got home, Mark and I sat down and didn’t even have the strength to speak for some time.  I was so sore I took a prescription strength Ibuprofin before going to bed.  I’m feeling better today, but if the trail could take so much out of me, I’m wondering how I’ll do at Amazon where I’ll be on my feet for 10-12 hours a day.  Should have tried to walk every day!

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