Beautiful day

I’m writing on Wednesday morning because I took so many pictures yesterday I was up until midnight last night processing them. There was a lot to take pictures of!

Picnic area

We didn’t have prepared meals yet at breakfast and lunch. The others went out to lunch, but I stayed and ate the lunch I’d brought with me outside. Just before lunch, a woman named Rose brought our dinner, breakfast for today, and lunch over. They were pre-made by Joy. There were meals for the other four quilters and separate meals for me.

We were thanking Rose for bringing us the food and she said that the staff is so grateful that we’re here. They had originally had the whole place booked solid for September and October until the coronavirus caused people to start canceling. We are the only ones here this week and there’s no one scheduled for this weekend.

Note the cross on the mantle. This is a Moravian retreat center.
Our dining area
I went for a walk in the afternoon to see what was around
Down the forest path
From the footbridge
There’s a barn near the entrance to the retreat center

Not all the beauty is outdoors. It has been wonderful to go around and see what each of the quilters is working on.

Carol started working on Halloween masks
She also worked on a string quilt she had started a while back
Nancy is working on a red and white quilt
Karen worked on placemats for her husband
This is the same thing in a different coloration
Miriam brought handwork to work on. She’s of Nordic descent so she is working here on a Viking design.
This is another of Miriam’s projects. These are Dala horses.
This is a detail of what I’m working on. I am hand quilting it.

We had the dinner that was prepared for us last night and the food was plentiful and delicious. In fact, we have leftovers! Breakfast this morning was the same way. We warm up the food that was previously cooked for us.

This is what the refrigerator in our lodge looked like after it was stocked yesterday. It still looks pretty full after having had two meals.

This has been really good for me!

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