Last day on the job

Several days this week were hectic with people calling to ask about the stimulus check and coming in to sign their returns and pay so that their returns could be filed in time to qualify for the stimulus payment. After a short flurry this morning, the office got really quiet. Today was my last day at work.

This is the office I’ve been working in. It’s about three and a half miles from where we’re staying.
When the coronavirus started getting bad, we made a limit of one individual or a couple in the lobby at a time, and we had it barricaded so that they couldn’t get closer than six feet from the front desk.
I made masks for several people at work, but I’m the only one who wore one. We also had gloves and a whole array of cleaners which we used frequently.
Out of five receptionists who had been hired at the beginning of the season, Maggie and I were the only ones left by the end of the season. The others left because they were afraid of being near the public on the front lines. Maggie is a college student.

The tax advisors only found out this week that Maggie and I were going to be laid off after today. I had hopes that we’d be able to stay because of the extended deadline (July 15th), but corporate only budgeted for receptionists through the normal tax season, not knowing how the virus would change everything.

A couple of days ago, Jeannene gave me a beautiful dark brown shawl from the Philippines. Today, Errol gave Maggie and me each a thank you card with a generous tip in it! Victoria catered a farewell lunch from a Mexican restaurant nearby. We each ordered what we wanted and they boxed our orders up. Maggie and I walked over to pick up the order.

Everyone was trying to stay six feet apart while picking out their boxes in the back room.
I ordered a green corn tamale, a bean tostada which I had asked for no cheese on, and some rice. Next to the rice cup is the card Errol gave me.
From left to right: Martha, my boss, Victoria, in the red, Jeff, Jeannene, David, Maggie, Leda, and Errol. I called them all together for a group shot, but we had to stay six feet apart. Those not pictured are Roger, Charles, Susan, Jorge, Kim, and Jacques.

These have been wonderful people to work with and I will miss them. I am looking forward to working with them again next year. May 2021 be a “normal” year!

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