The Alaskan triangle

Mark and I haven’t actually done much sight seeing for a while, so we designated today to do that.  There is a triangle formed between Tok, Delta Junction, and Glennallen.  We took that route today.
We have passed by Delta Junction a number of times on our way west to and from Fairbanks, but we never really understood its significance until Mark read up on it a little over a week ago.  The Alcan highway begins in Dawson Creek at the eastern border of the Yukon, and it ends at Delta Junction.  We stopped this time and went to the visitors information center and to the Roadhouse museum.

After messing around at Delta Junction for a while, we headed south toward Glennallen.  On the route we kept getting glimpses of the Alaska pipeline on one side or the other of us.  Not quite sure how it kept switching sides of the road unless it sometimes went underground.
In Glennallen we explored the town a bit.  It’s got a little more than Tok, but not by much.  We went into a Radio Shack and while we were wandering around we saw a little boy playing with a video game.  Finally he said, “Grandma, when is Son’s Day?”  She thought he meant Sunday so she told him today was Monday.  He said, “No, there’s a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day.  When is Son’s Day?”  I had the same question when I was a kid and found out there was a Children’s Day nobody ever celebrated.
Finally it was time to turn north and come back to Tok.  The driving part of the trip took us eight hours, plus stops to poke around a little and to eat.  It’s been an interesting day!




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