Mark, the turtle rescuer!

Today was beautiful with puffy white clouds in the blue sky.  Mark and I took the first day of our weekend to do the laundry, and then this evening we went with Cathy and Clyde to the LDS church to do some more work on genealogy. 

On the way out of the park, Mark stopped the car.  There was a chicken wire fence running along the road on his side of the car.  The chicken wire was kind of large, and there was a softball-sized turtle that had tried to crawl through from the field on the other side.  The turtle had gotten stuck half way through.  He was just sitting in mid-air with his head and legs dangling.  Mark jumped out and approached and immediately the turtle pulled itself inside its shell, but Mark pulled it the rest of the way through the fence and set it down.

This isn’t the first time Mark has helped a turtle here.  The other day we were driving down the narrow two-lane road that takes us into Gore when he saw a turtle in the middle of the road.  There was no shoulder to pull onto, so Mark stopped the car, jumped out and ran back to put the turtle safely on the side of the road it was headed toward, and then ran back and got the car going as we saw another car coming up behind us a ways back.

I’ve always known Mark is good with animals, but I have been so impressed with his care for the turtles.  He’s my hero!

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