Strange dream

I would be curious to know if anyone out there could help me interpret a dream I had last night.  I’ve always had strange dreams, but this one takes the cake!  It was one of those kind of long dreams that starts out plausible and gets weirder as it goes.

In the beginning, Mark and I were in a large department store, like Fred Meyers, and we got separated.  I didn’t know how to find Mark, so I started toward an information desk.  While I was there I heard about a contest and I entered it.  I won!  And the prize was to get to spend the afternoon visiting with John Lennon!

John and I were talking about what it’s like being rich and famous vs being a regular person.  I was empathizing with him about how difficult it was for him and Yoko Ono to go anywhere without being recognized.  He said he envied those of us who can go anywhere without causing a stir.

While we were sitting there talking, a scientist came up to us with a covered paper cup that held a piece of a moon rock.  The scientist said that he had a theory that there was some form of life in the rock and he wanted to nurture it.  He had it sitting in really mushy oatmeal.  He asked John and I to watch it for him while he went to get a place ready for his experiment.  After he left, John got the idea that if there was some form of life on the rock, it probably needed water, so he added a little water to the oatmeal mush and covered the cup again.

As we were sitting there, the lid on the cup began to move.  When it finally came off, there was a tiny creature that looked a little toad-like.  We thought it was cute, and we didn’t want to lose it before the scientist came back, so we tried to hold onto it.  It began to multiply, and all the little toads began to get bigger.  We were running around trying to catch them and put them into something that would contain them.  We finally had to solicite help from passersby to hold them in large grocery bags, but the bags began to rip by the time the scientist came back to say he had a place prepared for them.

He had prepared a large glass biodome.  He had filled the bottom with hay bales for food for the moon creatures.  All of us who had bags full of the toads tried to dump them in from near the top of the dome.  The toads kept trying to grab at people and finally caught a woman.  We tried to extricate her from them, but we saw that it was impossible, so we tried to shut her in with them.  She looked terrified through the glass. The toads were enveloping her.  They also continued to multiply and grow to the point where we were having a hard time keeping the door closed.  They kept trying to grab other people.  We got to the point of looking for undesireable people to sacrifice to them, but that wasn’t even enough.  The biodome was inside a building, so we evacuated the building and tried to lock it.  They began breaking out of the building.  As we were trying to warn the city, I realized it was New York City.  People were trying to flee, but I knew that eventually the moon toads would overrun the country and maybe even the world.

I woke up panting!  Who knows?  Maybe this could make a really bizarre B movie!

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