Dinner with friends!

This evening, Mark and I were invited to the home of a family that lives about a mile from us on Skyline Blvd.  Kevin Graber and Jennifer Headings hosted the campout we visited on Labor Day weekend.  They attend First Mennonite Church in San Francisco but were not there the Sunday I attended.  When I was at the service, everyone who found out where I live said, “Oh, you’ve got to meet the Grabers!”  I briefly met them at the campout, but after that, Jennifer started e-mailing with me and tonight they had us over for dinner.

Kevin is a doctor at Stanford University, working in the field of epilepsy research.  Jennifer is a pediatrition.  They both come from a long line of Mennonites and doctors.  I have noticed that Mennonites tend to go into helping fields, such as doctors and teachers and such.

The Grabers have two children:  Aaron who is a senior in high school, and Abby who is a sophomore.  Aaron attends a Catholic boys’ school and Abby attends a Catholic girls’ school.  Aaron is apparently musically gifted because he traveled to London this summer with a choir he had to audition for.  Abby is on the track team at her school.  I managed to get them to talk a little about what they like to read, but they were pretty quiet throughout dinner.

I asked all sorts of questions about First Mennonite and about their backgrounds.  They, in turn, asked all sorts of questions about us.  It was a lovely visit, and we got to know each other better.  It’s nice to get to know some people other than the folks we live with here at the club.  I think First Mennonite is where I’ll end up, but there are still two more churches I want to visit this month.  The Grabers said I could carpool with them when I start attending First Mennonite.  I’ve invited them to come and visit me here in our RV and Jennifer says she may come soon.  We are developing a social life outside of work!

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